It's not TV, it's HBO


It's not TV, it's HBO

In collaboration with with digital agency Dept (formerly known as Tam Tam back then) I provided HBO with a new website and strategy. In the rapidly changing world of on-demand television, it’s important for a top player like HBO to stand out.

Taking the legendary pay-off 'It's not TV, it's HBO.' as our starting point, we chose not to explain what HBO is, but show what HBO is. Without compromising the target to increase new subscriptions. The result is a lean and clear website that uses the unique and premium content available on HBO to sell more subscriptions.

Together with Wesley Masius, we were briefed to translate the general online strategy to a concept and design. We operated like a 'full-stack design duo', doing everything from the overall concept, board-level presentations to perfecting the last pixels before the hand-off to HBO's own development team.


Together we achieved the following:

  • decrease in bounce rates
  • decrease in time users needed to navigate to the subscription form
  • increase of the number of visitors reaching the subscription form
  • increase in subscriptions and revenue

(No longer online)