Portfolio of Erik Gelderblom — Freelance UX Designer with Front-End skills

"Our technology forces us to live mythically."

I'm for hire as a freelance UX Designer with Front-End skills. I have over 10 years of experience creating digital experiences for brands like Ace & Tate, HBO, Philips and Hogeschool Rotterdam.

My ideal project is in a team where I can fulfil an architect like role, being the translator between the designers intent, the underlying technical implications for developers and the client/business goals.

I'm a front-end developer too. I am specialised in creating a responsive and performant experience using HTML, SCSS and Javascript. I'm knowledgeable about back-end development, using a linux shell, server- and database architecture too.

I founded Fontanel, supporting Dutch creative careers through exclusive magazine content, a job board, an active community and collaborations with brands ranging between Adobe, Habbekrats and Vitra.

Full portfolio coming soon. Until then I'm happy to provide more information on request.

Booking new projects for Q4

Especially interested in multi-disciplinary projects where technology and design intersect.

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