A SaaS platform for an event marketing messaging start-up

Product Design Lead
Jankees van Woezik, Close

For event marketing start-up Close I designed the UX for the Close web app, set up a design workflow and -system and worked on the implementation of the front-end.

Close connects people with events in new and exciting ways; before, during and after the event. When someone goes to an event powered by Close, they receive ticket(s) in the Close app, enriched through messaging with exclusive content, personal offers and the latest updates from the event. These conversations are pre-built automated flows which sent messages by various triggers and conditions like days remaining until the event, group size, responses etc.

The mobile app for the event visitors is powered by a web app (SPA), used by the event organizer. The web app is the beating heart for the customers of Close. It's the place where they can manage their ticket sales, attendees, upsells, and of course a flow editor to build the interactive flows in a user friendly way.

At the end of 2018 the super ambitious but then still small Close team just raised their first round of funding with their MVP and they were looking for reinforcements of the team to grow the company. They reached out to me for the UX design for the Close web app.


In the period of a year I did many things:

  • designed the concept for the event organiser experience
  • designed the information architecture of the Close ecosystem
  • designed the UX of the web app, using the excellent Polaris Design System by Shopify to save resources and time
  • set-up a collaborative design workflow using Abstract and Sketch
  • oversaw the front-end implementation with a team of (eventually) 5 developers: 3 back-end, 1 front-end and 1 tech lead.
  • made 338 commits myself to the front-end code
  • designed, implemented and tested components that make up the design system using Sketch and Storybook